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Nicki would go on to drop two releases with the label, Playtime is Over and Sucka Free. But it was on her project Beam Me Up Scotty that would garner the attention she deserved and net her a deal with Cash Money. In the last five years, Nicki has gone from that girl from Queens who could spit really well to one of the most powerful figures in the hip-hop industry. She runs an empire. Her first привожу ссылку, Pink Fridaywould become a critically acclaimed project, and she'd follow suit with Pink Friday: Страница Reloaded — The Re-Up. Her fans have been divided into two groups:

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New year, new list. Your time is precious. So is your money. This article will keep you informed about the many movies that are absolutely worth seeing.

This list, updated weekly, only features the best of the year's best, and I'm being highly selective with my choices. These are only movies that I recommend percent.

No mixed bags, interesting trainwrecks, or blockbusters that aren't as good as their box-office tallies suggest -- just the true gems. Got it? Let's do this. August 12th Cast: David Mackenzie Starred Up Why it's great: The rootin', tootin', consideratin' modern Western follows bank-robbing brothers Pine and Foster looking to save their family farm from foreclosure while sticking it to The Man. Hot on their tails is a soon-to-retire sheriff Bridges and his partner, who engage in their own morality dialectic as they drive deeper into the Texas heartland.

Hell or High Water has shoot-outs and car chases -- the slickest you'll see this year -- but it's in diner conversations and pickup-truck small talk where Mackenzie finds a beating heart, economic depression as the greatest equalizer. The material turns villains into heroes, heroes into villains, and simple characters into some of the actors' best performances to date. Where to see it right now: December 16 Cast: As Barry imagines, just days after settling into his civics class, a white classmate confronts the Barry with an argument one will find in the future President's Twitter -mentions: Barry avoids hagiography by staying in the moment, weighing race issues of a modern age and quieting down for the audience to draw its own conclusions.

Terrell is key, steadying his character as smooth-operating, socially active, contemplative fellow stuck in an interracial divide. Barry could be any half-black, half-white kid from the '80s.

But in this case, he's haunted by past, present, and future. July 1st Cast: With each Purge entry and each passing day in the race to the White House, the ridiculous, dystopian notion of "Purge night" -- 12 hours when all crime is legal in America -- becomes more like a future on the horizon. Election Year ups the relevance by hiring Grillo, whose cinematic machismo was last seen out for revenge in Purge: Anarchy , as the security detail for a presidential candidate Mitchell riding the anti-Purge ticket.

The rich want her dead. Her political opponents have an army to kill her. Regular Joes provoked by government-sanctioned bloodlust may just cut her neck for the fun of it.

With a down-to-Earth supporting cast -- all hail action-star-in-the-making Betty Gabriel -- Election Year is edge-of-your seat mayhem cut together with chainsaw grace.

March 4th Cast: Roar Uthaug Escape Why it's great: There was a time when "epic" disaster movies didn't rely on the end of the world. A burning building or a sinking ship was enough terror for 90 minutes of entertainment. The Wave returns to those anti-Roland Emmerich proportions, pitting a small Norwegian village against a fjord-enabled tidal wave. Roar Uthaug -- great action director name or best action director name? Then the mayhem starts.

When the townsfolk realize their fate, and only have 10 minutes to evacuate, The Wave capsizes tranquility with tons of liquid devastation.

Not since Titanic has underwater photography looked so terrifying. June 24th Cast: Dennison's Ricky is an absent-minded, hip-hop-obsessed, rebellious orphan.

His grizzled foster father would like nothing more than to ship the little [expletive] back to government care. When the two find themselves stranded in the woods, mistaken for on-the-lam criminals, they Wilderpeople is a generous genre blend, with Waititi, director of the wacky, vampiric mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows , finding cheeky jokes in the duo's perilous journey.

Backed by a synthy, horror movie-like score and lush backdrops, Wilderpeople is one of the year's most transportive comedies. March 11th Cast: Benjamin Dickinson First Winter Why it's great: This casually dazzling sci-fi movie imagines our immediate future, on the eve of a virtual revolution where augmented-reality visors will replace the smartphone.

Dickinson casts himself as David, an ad executive tasked with branding the new, life-altering hardware. The VR upgrade quickly wraps its tentacles around everyday life. Creative Control is a familiar, cautionary tale, but with a twist: With photogenic scenery, a wry sense of humor, and subtle computer-graphic enhancement, Creative Control questions our current direction. It's a movie with enough dramatic pizzazz that not even Reggie Watts' psychedelic performance art can steal the show but it comes close.

July 15th Cast: Paul Feig Bridesmaids Why it's great: Despite reboot skepticism and "they're destroying my childhood!

Feig never crosses the streams; the new movie pays homage to the original while allowing the quartet of A-list comedians to own a new batch of hero roles. Ghostbusters ' greatest tip of the hat is acting like a rebel in the face of the Hollywood standards -- just like its predecessor. Splashy, cartoonish action is matched by biting buffoonery that sticks it to skeptics. Even the 3-D is a blast, with swirling ghosts and proton pack beams popping offscreen. It's the kind of blockbuster you get more out of than air conditioning.

December 16th Cast: This adaptation of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play is a national service. Most of us didn't catch the playwright's sixth "Pittsburgh Cycle" installment when it debuted on Broadway in , nor did we see Washington and Davis in the acclaimed revival in Thanks to a commitment by Washington to film Wilson's body of work, the world can now witness this tightly wound examination of African-American life, adapted for film by Wilson himself he completed the screenplay before his death in Washington's grasp on theatrical camerawork amplifies the speeches of his ex-Negro League ballplayer Troy.

The patriarch is a man and a monster, a character we're all lucky to behold. In theaters watch the trailer. August 5th Cast: Everyone deserves a sharp-eyed director who makes movies about their hometown.

New York has Sachs, a down-to-earth city scion who tackled love and apartment-hunting in the must-see Love Is Strange and returns to examine the budding friendship between two Brooklyn kids: The neighborhood brings them together, the neighborhood splits them apart, and Sachs watches like another pair of eyes in the room. Simple and sweet. July 22nd Cast: Mike Birbiglia Sleepwalk with Me Why it's great: If you've ever harbored a passion, chased a dream, or felt the rush of creative choice, Don't Think Twice will play like Shakespearean tragedy.

Did I mention it was a comedy? Birbiglia sets his second movie inside a close-knit improv team who "yes, and" themselves on and off the stage.

When one of the players nails an audition for a Saturday Night Live -like sketch-comedy show, all hell breaks loose. Why him? Why not her? Did that guy ever have it? Is life completely hopeless? Don't Think Twice 's shaggy neuroses bounce with the rhythm of improvisation, giving gut-wrenching twists of fate comedic edge and "funnier" moments a puckering aftertaste. The observation as a whole can only be described as lifelike, whether we like it or not.

May 20th Cast: If anyone can save the rom-com , it's Greta Gerwig, whose resting screen presence of "screwball comedienne from the s" lights up Miller's tale of crisscrossed lovers and maddening relationship quirks. Maggie's Plan entangles Gerwig's serial bachelorette career woman with Ethan Hawke's struggling academic and his wife, a neurotic Swedish scholar played by Julianne Moore, in a game of who loves who. Even when Miller's intellectual adults act infuriatingly infantile, her movie is an absolute joy, a whip-smart and frank look at the tribulations of love.

January 15th Cast: This romantic drama is so prototypically French that it may cause film studies students to bleed Brie. A swift 83 minutes, In the Shadow of Women follows a modelesque married couple that discovers -- whoop -- both husband and wife are entangled in affairs. Shot in diffused black and white, and narrated by an authorial observer, the movie teeters on the edge of self-parody. Two heated performances, sexy and vicious, anchor it in the artful. Just let your college friends who won't shut up about "New Wave cinema" see it on their own.

April 15th Cast: Malcolm D. Lee The Best Man Why it's great: Ice Cube revived his smack-talking franchise at a pivotal moment.

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